Wednesday, 17 November 2010


The core themes of our film will be a zero to hero. With the zero being Keith (Ryan Knight). Keith is a hero who believes he is amongst one of the greats but in fact he is a simple minded, mild mannered brummie, he can’t even save a cat from a tree. The story will see him realise that he is isn’t in fact a good hero when he tries to rescue a cat from a burning building but he fails to do this because his hero skills match that of a tea cup. The film will see Keith turn into a slightly better hero with help from a retired hero.

In our opening will be a long shot of Keith’s house (Ryan’s house) then it will zoom in to his bedroom where we will see Keith sleeping. We will then see him being rudely awakened by his alarm clock and fall out of bed in a slapstick manner. He will then go on to eat breakfast to show that he is a normal everyday guy. After he has ate his breakfast he will then get “suited” up into his hero costume which is just his mom’s dress, a pair of slippers and an afro or a sieve for a helmet. Finally, Keith will proceed into his living room where he is met by his brother who mocks him and beats him up. We will add this last scene because it shows how bad of a hero Keith actually is.

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