Thursday, 16 September 2010

The New Guy Poster

Film : The New Guy
Genre : Teen Comedy
Made : 2002

This Film is about a boy who goes through a really tough time in his high school , due to bullies and teachers. He decides to start afresh in a new school, he changes his image and his personality , to fit in with the popular crowd.

1* I think that the use of colours is very important in this poster. I think this shows the divide between good and bad, as the good characters in this film are on top of the pile where the background is yellow, and the bad characters are bottom of the pile where the background is red.

2* The different levels in the poster is a comparison to a popularity chain , and the fact that the main character is higher than everyone else , shows his domninance.

3* The slogan somes up what the film is all about. You can instantly see who the zero is by what he's wearing , and the fact that he is surrounded by all the popular girls.

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