Tuesday, 19 October 2010

The Importance Of Editing

Editing is without doubt, the most important factor for making a film. It evolves everything, from special effects, to camera shots and angles.

Camera angles are exstreamly important,  when it comes to editing a film, as the angle of a camera or the distance between camera and actor, can dictate what is occurring in a scene. Scenes will usually start with an establishing shot. This is when the characters in the scene are shown in whole, this gives the viewer the feeling that they are right there in the scene. The pattern continues onto the Over the shoulder shots and close ups, which are often used when filing a conversation. The over the shoulder shot allows us to see characters reactions, and emotions, this is then improved, with the use of the close-ups, which takes us into the characters face. This allows us to see emotion and deeper feelings within a facial expression.

Flashbacks are also a key feature of editing. Flashbacks can be used anywhere in films, weather its the beginning, middle or end, flashbacks are used to allow viewers to see previous events from back in time, or even sometimes a peak into the future.

The 180 Degree rule, is something that must be taken into consideration when shooting a scene. This is when a camera is on one side of the scene, showing us the view from the from or the side, ensuring that we are able to see the faces of the characters. An invisible line is then created, to show how far the camera can go, before it changes sides. I the camera need to change sides, the only way this can be done, is if you show the camera moving, this way its clear to the viewer.

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