Wednesday, 6 October 2010

The Narrative

Dont get confused when asked about the narrative. Alot of people think of the narrative as someone telling the story. They would be wrong. The Narrative is the plot of a story, and it consists of 3 theorys.

1. Binary Theory :
This is when an Narative establishes something that is not, its also helps establish, who is who ,when it comes to Hero's and Villains.

2A. Equalibrium :
This is the beginning. Before the Narrative and the twists unfold. A good example would be the film Spiderman. In the beginning when Peter Parker is just an ordinary guy.

2B. Disequalibrium :
This is the moment when the plot of the film takes shape. This is when the main twist in the story begins. Spiderman again as an example, the moment when Peter gets bitten by the radioactive spider is the moment he becomes Spiderman and gains his powers.

2C. New States of Equalibrium :
This is when the twist of the problem gets solved or comes to an end. Spiderman again as an example, When spiderman finnaly defeats the Green Goblin and saves Mary Jane.

3. Character Type

Hero - The Good guy. The Strong male characters who fights back against the evil.

Villain - The Bad guy. The villain is the hero's nemesis who is often stronger but will always be defeated in the end.

Heroine - The main female role. Is often used as a ransom for the villain. Usually in love with the hero or somehow related.

Father -  The stong Authorative character who ussually pays the hero to help save the heroin on even trys to help.

Helper -  The helper is better known as the side-kick who offers his services to the Hero.

Donor -  The character who helps the hero by giving them information of some sort or somekind of powers.

Mentor -  The teacher who guides the hero and passes down his wisdom.

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