Monday, 10 January 2011

Evaluation Plan, What we are going to talk about ...

.Attendance problems – People not showing up to lessons, late marks ECT …
.Editing problems - lack of internet – Learning the ways of final cut, and being without the internet for several lessons.
.Camera and tripod problems – Filming with a broken tripod, and filming without good sound quality, and filming in HD accidently
.Continuity editing – Members of the group were wanting to film in different weather conditions, and different times of the day.
.Costume problems – Finding the appropriate costume to use for the opening.
.Music – Finding music that suits the genre, and making sure it was copy write free.
.Angles/Match on Actions – Deciding what angles to use, and when to use match on action shots, and figuring out how to edit the two scenes together.
.Target audience – 13 – 19 year olds, Teenage age group.
.Media Institution – What company would most likely release a film such as ours.
.Social Groups – Stereotypes, counter stereotypes, imbalance of social groups.
.What we have learnt since our preliminary task – Different angles and rules, lighting, editing with music and text, effects, such as wire frame.
.Final Cut, Macs, Garage band – Getting to learn how to use the Mac computers and coming to terms with the new technology.
. Up to date music (kind of), over exaggerated costume and acting – Music that can relate to our target audience, basic stereotypical superhero music. 
.Use of counter types against superheros – Portraying Keith as weak and pathetic instead of the usual superhero style. E.g... Strong and powerful.
. Mise en scene – Good use of hidden extras that the audience may or may not see.
.Shot framing and head room – Not wasting shot space, such as too much head room, which can ruin certain shots.
.The Blogs – Keeping our blogs up to date, making weekly analysis videos.

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